My older daughter and I

Me with my older daughter

My name is Réka Morvay. I was born in Hungary, grew up in the States, and moved back to Hungary in 2001. I am a psychologist, a doula, a childbirth educator and a lactation consultant.


I received my degrees in Psychology from UC Berkeley and Cornell University. My area of specialization is the biological psychology of sexual and reproductive behavior. After returning to Hungary, I attended Semmelweis University and VIKOTE’s joint program in cognitive and behavior therapy. In my private practice, I offer short-term, goal-oriented therapy addressing specific issues and problems my clients bring. I work with individuals and couples of all backgrounds.

For a description of the counseling services I offer, please click here.

Pregnancy and childbirth

I was trained as a doula through the Hungarian Doula Association, DONA and Békés Dúlakör. I apprenticed as a home birth midwife for one year. I attend home and hospital births as a doula.

I trained as a childbirth educator through Childbirth International.

I am an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

For a list of my services available to pregnant women and nursing mothers, please see here.